Lent Journal – Day 37

Last Tuesday we ran Day 1 of our Easter Holiday Club at Derry Hill, and yesterday was Day 2 at St. Mary’s, Calne.  We’ve had a fantastic time with a wonderful group of young people who threw themselves into all the activities with great enthusiasm. 
The theme of the two days was ‘Cracking Open Easter’, so we focused on Palm Sunday and the Last Supper on Day 1, and Good Friday and Easter Day on Day 2.  We enjoyed singing, dancing, lots of craft activities, games, and storytelling through drama and video. 
But it’s not all about the ‘up front’ stuff.  Conversations with the children and laughing together while they are making something, or during the breaks are just as important.  Listening to their ideas about Jesus, God, heaven, sin, resurrection,  as they explored the Easter story challenged me – doing theology with young people always does because it makes me thing more deeply about what I believe and why.  It makes me revisit the language I use when I talk about God and to God. 
The children had fun at Holiday Club, and I hope they took a few more steps along their journey of faith.  I believe all the adults did too.