Lent Journal – Day 34

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, a day when we recall Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem among waving palms and shouts of ‘Hosanna!’  On Palm Sunday we also recall what happens next, when the fear of losing power takes over, and expedience is paramount.  And so Palm Sunday leads us into Holy Week.
Tomorrow morning in church* we will relive Jesus arrival with palm crosses.  Come with us and be the people who saw Jesus’ procession to Jerusalem.  Be the people who gathered in the Upper Room and went with Jesus into the garden to pray.  Feel the fear and turmoil as Jesus is arrested and taken away.  Be part of the crowd who respond as Jesus is led off to be crucified.

*9.30am at Foxham – Family Service (Storytelling format)
*11am at Derry Hill – All Age Communion (Adapted Passion narrative)
*11am at Bremhill – Holy Communion (Passion narrative)

Incidentally, have you ever noticed the cross on a donkey’s back?  There are various legends about why this is.  According to one legend, the little donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem loved his master so much that he followed him to Calvary.  The donkey couldn’t bear to see Jesus on the cross and turned away but remained at the foot of the cross where its shadow fell upon his back.