Lent Journal – Day 35

Holy Week.  A week like no other.  Yesterday, Palm Sunday, we recalled the clamour of the crowds, the shouts of ‘Hosanna!’ as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  We listened once again to the retelling of Christ’s Passion and felt the change in mood to a minor chord.  I wonder how it was for those closest to Jesus during those last days?  How will you keep Holy Week?
‘Kneeling’  (R.S Thomas)
Moments of great calm,
kneeling before an altar
of wood in a stone church
in summer, waiting for the God
to speak; the air a staircase
for silence; the sun’s light
ringing me, as though I acted
a great role.  And the audiences
still; all that close throng
of spirits waiting, as I,
for the message.
                        Prompt me, God;
but not yet.  When I speak,
though it be you who speak
through me, something is lost.
The meaning is in the waiting.