Sunday Worship in our Churches

Opening Church – News

There will be Morning Prayer at St John the Baptist, Foxham on 18th October at 10am. Please contact me by 8pm on 17th October. Tel. 01249 817926 or email

Sunday 25th Oct Morning Prayer with Baptism at Christ Church, Derry Hill at 10am

Sunday 1st Nov Parish Eucharist at St John the Baptist, Foxham at 10am

Sunday 1st Nov Evening Prayer at St Martin’s, Bremhill at 6pm

We plan to re-open St Martin’s, Bremhill on 1st November with a service of Evening Prayer. t is hoped that a sustainable pattern of services including Morning Worship, Parish Eucharist and Evensong will evolve around the parishes to take us through the next few months.

Where a Sunday service has taken place in church, that  building will be closed for 72 hours after the service to minimise the amount of cleaning required.   We plan to review safety procedures after each service in response to attendee numbers and behaviours, so please check service details and information on our website, Facebook page and Noticeboard.  

There is a lot  information to take in and this will continue to be the case as we work our way cautiously through this time of easing lockdown measures.  I realise that for many none of this feels like ‘church’ or ‘worship’.  My intention always, is to enable each one of us to worship and to meet with God in ways which are prayerful, meaningful, nourishing, joyful and safe, whether we are at home, in church, out walking, by the sea or on top of a mountain…and to know that we are connected to each other, and that despite our current circumstances we are the body of Christ.  Much of what we are experiencing may not feel like corporate worship just now, but my prayer when putting services together online or adapting services for socially distanced church, is that God knows we are together in worship and that God honours our offering of that worship.

Wherever and however you worship, I pray that you know you are held in God’s loving embrace, together with all God’s beloved children.