Our Children

Our churches have been closed during the coronavirus pandemic.  Although we are now able to open our churches for Sunday services, this will be a gradual process as we are keen to ensure that everyone will be able to worship in a safe environment.  We have not resumed Family Services yet, although children are always welcome at any church service.  At this particular time when space and movement in church is limited we ask that children are accompanied by an adult.

Details of Services and further  information may be found here

During the last few months we have produced weekly Acts of Worship for children which you can find here:

Moses – in the desert

Moses and the Red Sea

Find the template for ‘Red Sea’ craft here

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses (Trinity 11)

Jacob and forgiveness

Walking on water

Find the template for ‘Walking on water’ craft here

Feeding of the 5000 (Trinity 8)

Find the templates for ‘The Feeding of the 5000’ activities here

King Solomon (Trinity 7)

Beautiful Feet (Trinity 6)

Parable of the Sower (Trinity 5)

Burdens (Trinity 4)

Peter the Rock (Trinity 3)

The Disciples (Trinity 2)

Kites (Trinity Sunday)

Wind Sock (Pentecost)

Jesus goes back to heaven (Ascension)

God is faithful