Parish Giving Scheme

In 2018 Derry Hill Parochial Church Council(PCC) decided to use this scheme as a way of ensuring a regular source of income for our church. It is very simple: anyone may donate, the only thing that is fixed is the date on which a donor’s contribution is collected – it’s always the first day of the month. The donor decides the amount they will give, and how often – monthly, quarterly or annually; and may allow the PGS to apply an annual increase to an individual’s contribution in line with the rate of inflation – they always contact the donor well in advance of any annual increase to check that the increase is acceptable. If the donor is also able to make a Gift Aid declaration, then PGS will reclaim 25% of any donation from HMRC. All of the donor’s money goes to our church, plus the associated Gift Aid. Usually on the 10th of the month the basic donation gets to our bank, followed a few days later by the reclaimed Gift Aid. We currently have 23 regular donors – some annual, most are monthly– and it all runs like clockwork! A big thank you to all of them.

The PGS continues to grow across the Church of England, with 30 member dioceses now registered with the Scheme and this month (May 2020), they processed just over 49,000 regular gifts to 2,884 parishes through the PGS, with around 55% of donors opting to increase their giving annually in line with inflation. PGS have just announced the launch of their new telephone service on 0333 002 1271, so prospective donors can set up a regular Direct Debit donation to their parish over the phone – no forms to fill in! It has certainly proved very popular – the team received more than 350 calls in the first ten days!

If you wish to join the scheme you will need to quote our parish code, 34064487, and the call handlers will guide you through the process.

To find out more, please visit their website

Peter Roycroft Christ Church Derry Hill Treasurer