Derry Hill and Studley Matters

The inSPIRE magazine is published monthly and covers the villages of Derry Hill and Studley in the civil parish of Calne Without.  It contains village news and information about the parish of Christ Church Derry Hill.

Paper copies of inSPIRE are distributed within the villages of Derry Hill and Studley and all sponsorship and advertising monies, once printing costs are netted off, contribute to church funds.

In an effort to “Save the Planet” and, as a by-product, reduce printing costs, inSPIRE is also available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) by e-mail subscription.  All that is required is reader software which is available free of charge on the Adobe web site.(See  Most PC users are likely to have a reader already installed.

To receive inSPIRE by e-mail in the form of a PDF file each month, simply email your request details to

Become an Advertiser

The magazine is made possible by the kind sponsorship of individuals and organisations who place advertisements.  See the list of sponsors on this page.  If you wish to place an advertisement then please contact the inSPIRE Advertising Coordinator whose contact details appear inside the front cover of every magazine.

inSPIRE Archive

PDF copies of inSPIRE back issues are available for download.  Simply click on the month and year below (The PDF will open in a new tab):

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