Opening Church for Sunday Worship FAQs

Q.  How is the church managing social distancing?

A. We have assessed the seating capacity and space available and worked out the best way to seat everyone to maintain 2 metre distancing.  There will be markings on the path and on the floor inside church.  A Churchwarden will be on hand to welcome you and show you where to sit.  At the end of the service, please remain in your seat until you are asked to make your way to the exit.

Q.  Do I have to book in advance?

A.  It would help us to know if you intend to come to a service so that we can maintain safe social distancing.  We ask that you telephone 01249 817926 or email before 8pm on Saturday evening to check availability.

Q.  Will services be at the normal time?

A.  Morning services will be at 10am.  Evensong (when available) will be at 6pm during the summer and 4pm during the winter months.

Q. Can I sit with my family or a friend?

A. People from the same household or “bubble” can sit together. Everyone else will need to observe appropriate social distancing at all times. 

Q. Will there be communion?

A. Services will vary but where communion is offered this will be wafers only. Distribution will be carefully controlled to minimise transmission risks according to government and church guidelines. 

Q. Will the hymn books be sanitised?

A. Sadly, hymn singing is not allowed at the moment, so all hymn books and bibles will be removed.   There will, however, be music to listen to.

Q. I usually give cash in the plate when I come to church. I believe this is not advised. What can I do to support the work of the church?

A. We would prefer not to have to expose our volunteers to handling cash but we desperately do need your support. Please take a moment to look at the Parish Giving Scheme here.   If you prefer to leave cash please do use the collection plate by the main entrance.

Q.  Do I need to provide contact details?

A.  In order to support the NHS Test and Trace programme, we are taking contact details (name and telephone number) for all visitors, as well as recording times entering and leaving church.

There is now a QR code in the entrance porch of each church.

In line with guidance issued by the Department for Health and Social Care, we will keep your details safely and in compliance with GDPR legislation for 21 days before securely disposing of or deleting them. We will only share your details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, in the event that it is needed to help stop the spread of coronavirus. We will not use your details for any other purposes or pass them on to anyone else.

Q. Will I be able to talk to my friends after the service?

A. To minimise risk, services will be shorter than normal, and the church will be closed promptly.  Catching up with friends is better done outdoors.  We ask that you do not obstruct the aisles or exits to allow everyone to leave safely. It is obviously vital to obey social distancing guidelines at all times.

Q. Will it be safe to come?

A. We have carefully assessed the risks of bringing us together and have put in place measures to control and minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.  However, it is not possible to eliminate risks completely – everyone attending must evaluate their own circumstances and act accordingly. We all have a responsibility to act responsibly to ensure the safety of everyone else.

Please do:

  • use the hand sanitizer provided when you arrive and when you leave
  • comply with social distancing rules – keep 2 metres apart whenever possible
  • cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze or cough – take your tissues home and dispose of them there

Q. Should I wear a face covering in a church building? 

A. From 8th August face coverings must be worn by all those attending a place of worship.

If you do not feel it is safe or if you feel unwell – please do stay at home and enjoy the online services from the Marden Vale Team.